How to Maximize Your Winnings in Online Poker Cash Games?


Maximize Your Winnings in Online Poker Cash Games

Maximize Your Winnings in Online Poker Cash Games

Online poker cash games are perhaps the ideal past time for poker players who wish to enjoy some quick action now and then and earn some money while at it. This blog is for those who wish to not just break-even but win big in online poker real money games no matter the stakes.

We are going to talk about few interesting strategies and tips that can amp up your winnings in online cash games of poker and also help you raise the stakes in times to come.


Five Uncanny Online Poker Cash Game Strategies

Online poker Cash games can be a tricky zone and as fast it is to earn money, if you do not consider the caveats in the game, you might end up losing a lot more and call it quits sooner than you thought.

So, get ready to mess with your opponents as apply these strategies next time you hit the cash tables!


1) Steal the Blinds

Stealing the blinds is a great way to build your pot for free without letting anyone see your cards. This strategy works well especially in low stakes online poker real money games where your opponents will yield without much fight. Exploit your button and late positions to steal as many blinds as possible. Even if someone flats your attempt by calling, you can simply c-bet them on the turn to win even a bigger pot.


2) Play Stakes Lower than your limit

In order to exploit maximum value from your opponents in real money online poker games, here’s an interesting take. Why not play at tables with a limit that’s slightly lower than yours and enjoy a more comfortable space with your betting strategies. When you are not sure about your game and have been witnessing losses recently, always go a limit lower and play your game with lower risk and from a new perspective.


3) 3-Bet Against Weaker Opponents

Re-raising pre-flop is an interesting way to intrigue your opponents and continue to 3-bet until your opponent folds. This again works well in low stakes online poker cash games when you are in position and playing on the button. If your opponent continues to call, make sure to raise on the river (especially with scare cards like A<K<Q) to apply more pressure. However, make sure you have minimum equity with your hands such as suited connectors and small pairs to go ahead with this strategy.


4) Value Bet Your Strong Hands

Value betting is probably one of the smartest strategies for any online poker real money games and tournaments that lets you amplify your pot size enormously by extracting maximum value for your hand from your opponents. This typically holds true in the situation where your hand is better than your opponent and you evaluate how much your opponent is willing to shed with his/her worse hand and then place the bet.

Value betting is a key skill to have in online poker real money games. So, do take note of these factors when making a value bet.

  1. The strength of your hand combined to the current board
  2. The possible strength of your opponent’s hand
  3. The amount of chips he/she is willing to put in the pot
  4. Your opponent’s recent history of betting patterns
  5. Your opponent’s ability to fold

The fifth point needs a little more illustration. Some opponents bet big and continue to call even with medium pairs just for the thrill while some might need some persuasion to put in more money. So, churning money from the loose guys would be lot easier compared to the scared lot, so bet accordingly.

So, now that you know how to work around your game, feel free to take it to the tables and size up those winnings. We also brought along some exciting online poker cash games of generous stakes with exciting promotions an even wider range of rewards.

They all come from the online poker room of PokerBaazi, India’s Most Trusted Poker Website. Here, check them out.


1 Crore Cash Bonanza (1st-31st July)

Online poker cash gamers have all the more reasons to play poker cash games on PokerBaazi as they carry truckload of rewards this monsoon season. Players can choose to play poker cash games of three different variants namely No limit Hold’em, 4 Card PLO and 5 Card PLO and win tonnes of rewards worth up to crores that shall be placed in dedicated leaderboards.


Here’s how it all pans out.

The leaderboards will carry the needs of all players with separate rewards at each stake for all games of No limit hold’em and both variants of Pot Limit Omaha, so feel free to play any variant to rank on them.

Here’s how the table stakes are categorized.

  • Low: 5/10 and 10/25
  • Mid: 25/50 and 50/100
  • High: 100/200 and 250/500

While there will be combined leaderboards for both PLO variants, 4 Card PLO will also carry additional bonus leaderboards at each stakes, however all points you earn in 4 Card PLO will add on both leaderboards.

Besides, newbies and regulars can continue to play cash poker games to earn Reward Points and those with maximum Reward Points will win. With no opt-in codes, this one hits the mother of all promotions!

So, scurry along to kick-start your relentless online poker cash run with your shrewd gaming right away.


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