How to apply for the MOT test during the Coronavirus Pandemic in the UK?


How to Apply for MOT Test in UK

How to Apply for MOT Test in UK

The MOT tests were quite outdated, and it was time for them to receive an upgrade which they did in May 2018. According to figures from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), more than 34% of cars and vans in Great Britain initially failed the new test. The figures were taken over a year and found four areas that were to blame for most of the problems that the vehicles were facing. Lighting and signalling were the most significant issues, causing 30% of defects, suspension (20%), brakes (17%) and tyres (10%).

The main reasons for a high number of vehicles failing the tests are that the new test introduced a new rating policy that made significant changes to the way cars going through the test got their points. The new three-tier defect categorisation rated vehicles issues on the scale of, minor, major and dangerous. Other changes included stricter measures for exhaust emissions and checks of diesel particulate filters.

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With the onset of the Coronavirus and the new Government rules about social distancing, staying at home as much as possible and remote working, people were not leaving their homes much.

The restrictions were a significant issue for many who had to go through the MOT test and didn’t want to take a chance with the possibility of falling sick. They were moved beyond 31st July for vehicles that needed to apply for the test from 30th March to 31st July. However, the rule also stated that the vehicle owners were responsible for making sure that vehicles were safe ad roadworthy. If the police deem their car is unfit for use, they face fines of £1,000.

People were allowed to visit mechanics and garages throughout the lockdown since they were essential services. Furthermore, they could also get their vehicles MOT tested if they wanted to and about 1.5 million vehicles in the UK were MOT tested in June itself. This significantly reduced the number of vehicles to be tested after the lockdown but with MOT volumes down by 70% in April and May, some 1.6 million potentially unsafe vehicles are believed to be on the roads.

To make the process easier, vehicle owners were allowed to go to the website and book MOT online, which would save them the time of making an additional trip to the MOT office. In some cases, because of the pandemic, the garage also sent a representative to their house to collect the vehicle, the garage would then go through the vehicle and after getting it tested, have the vehicle dropped back home, following all the rules and safety guidelines by the Government.

People had to book MOT tests a month before their expiration to make sure that they were renewed in the time since the process took about a month to complete. However, if there were delays, the vehicle could not be used until receiving a valid MOT certificate.


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