High fashion jewellery designs that are in vogue

High Fashion Jewellery

High Fashion Jewellery Designs

There is nothing that lifts an outfit quite as the right jewellery does. The right jewellery can add dimension and a certain hint of charm to your overall look and movements.

With the ever-changing world of jewellery trends, knowing what’s in vogue and what’s not can be challenging sometimes. Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. We have curated a list of fashion jewellery designs that are in vogue so you can always stay at the top of your jewellery game.

  1. Beach Beads: With all the vacationing to tropical paradises happening all around, how can one not enjoy beachy jewellery? Beach beads have never really gone out of style but it has come back especially in vogue this season. Colorful bead necklaces, whether worn alone or layered in lovely combinations are the perfect addition to your beach look. Besides they are a great option to add some liveliness to your daily outfits regardless if you’re vacationing or not. For more sophisticated jewellery design pieces, go for a combination of beads and metal. Gold or champagne-colored beads also make for great neutral pieces of jewellery.
  1. Pretty Pearls: A timeless jewellery trend making the rounds this season is the delicate pearls. Pearl jewellery has been on the rise since last spring. However, these are the dainty and precious pearls that inhabit your grandmother’s closet. The trend this year is jewellery pieces designed and styled in layers and mismatched pearls. A great way to adorn this jewellery trend is to wear drop earrings and layered necklaces. To make it a full affair with pearls, apply the rule of “the more, the merrier”.
  1. Metal Power: Time to trade your smooth gold jewellery for textured pairs. This season we’re swapping flat silver and gold pieces for crushed, textured, chunky, and rigid jewellery styles. While statement jewellery is not a new trend, this season you’ll see chains, hardware, and hoops evolve more and enter the oversized domain. The runways are filled with oversized and heavy metal jewellery pieces. These are perfect for a night-out look.
  1. Shoulder-grazing earrings: The perfect piece to make an entrance, shoulder-grazing earrings are the next big thing! Whether it’s a day look or an important dinner, these versatile earrings can elevate any look. Adding class and drama equal parts, you cannot go wrong with shoulder-grazing earrings.
  1. The single earring: Next up is another earring jewellery trend. The single jewellery trend has been on the rise, waiting to grab the spotlight for a long long time. There are so many different brands and designers doing their own take on this edgy jewellery trend that you just can’t miss out on!
  1. Bangles: Guess what’s making a comeback this season? Bangles! You heard it right, bangles are everywhere. Whether you like to stack ’em to the brim or wear matching pairs, this is one trend you should definitely give a try. Bangles have the potential to add so much to your look and movement. A great way to adorn the trend is to wear a single statement bangle such as a chunky crushed gold metal bracelet.
  1. Bags as necklaces: It’s time to bring the best of both worlds together. Yes, bags as necklaces! With helpful holder bags trending past fall, the next prominent trend is bags that double as necklaces. While the trend is both delightfully irrational and chic, we say never miss a trend that’s really out of the box!

Alright, time to dive into the world of shopping and getting your hands on those trending jewellery pieces, both beautiful and bizarre!

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