Passport strength currently put on hold since international flights are barely plying.


Apply for Passport

Apply for Passport

Passports are a document needed by any person looking to travel across country borders. Applying for a passport changes from one country to another, since each one comes with their own rules. The passport application process in India is overall quite simple, and there have been changes made to it, making it easier for a lot of people who are trying to get through it.

Other than allowing applicants to go through the process through the passport office, present in every State in India, the new system allowed people to apply for passports online. The passport website was an incentive for people who did not want to leave their house because of the Coronavirus or found the online system a lot easier to handle. When it comes to passports, India has issued the third-highest number of passport around the world, only to be tailing the United States and China.

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Over the past several years, countries built relationships with others allowing visa-free travel between each other. People holding specific passports could travel to certain countries without having to apply for a visa, and they would receive one on arrival. The number of countries that one could visit without a visa dictated the strength of the passport. However, all this changed with the Coronavirus that brought with it a new list of restrictions when it comes to applying for a lot of visas that were quite easy to get earlier.


Apply for Passport

What is the process of applying for a passport?

Applicants have to fill out a couple of forms and upload certain documents and certificates along with them. The information mentioned in the application forms and on the documents should match without any issues, otherwise, there can be issues with the verification process.

Although the website handles the forms and documentation for a passport, it serves as a means to coordinate with the passport office. Even while using the website applicants have to visit the passport office to provide their biometric and other information, which they cannot do online. After which, applicants receive a date when their passport would be dispatched and sent to their home address, mentioned on the form.

The process is not that much different if handled at the office, with the only difference of the applicant making multiple trips to fill out the forms and other information.


What were some of the changes made during the Coronavirus?

One of the main changes made because of the Coronavirus was that people who were travelling would have to handle some time in quarantine after arriving in a new country. As the virus progressed and things were getting better, these changes allowed them to self-quarantine in their homes.

For the most part, international travel is temporarily on hold, forcing people to live in their respective countries, taking a toll on people who were working in other countries and want to make their way home. Additionally, people with Overseas Citizen of India cards did not receive a preference to come back to India, with the country focusing on getting Indian citizens home first.

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